Advanced Analytics for Medical Affairs.

Help your medical affairs teams plan strategic engagement and improve relationships.

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Enable your medical affairs teams and medical science liaisons (MSLs) with analytics to plan, execute, and monitor medical affairs objectives. Eliminate data roadblocks to uncover insights about your team's engagement with key opinion leaders (KOLs), sentiment analysis, and customer interactions. Seamlessly aggregate your disparate data sources (CRM, HCO/HCP, 3rd party tools, XLS, etc.) into a single source of trusted data across your business intelligence tools and applications.


Easily monitor call interactions to ensure they are on topic and tracking positively. Find out how much time MSLs are allocating towards proactive discussions versus reactive to get ahead of the conversations. The Interaction dashboard helps MSLs optimize their interactions with KOLs, physicians, and pharmacists to ensure your commercial strategy stays on track.

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Provide medical teams with the critical information they need to drive strategic goals. Teams can leverage insights gleaned from topic and trend data to help with lifecycle planning, brand strategy, and product improvements.

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Get the best out of KOL survey data by linking it to CRM data. This ensures your team has the information they need prior to engaging with KOLs, physicians, and pharmacists. And increase your reach and target KOLs more effectively for publications and clinical sites.

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