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Improve efficiency and productivity with key insights from unified data.

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Five users, three dashboards, three data sources, and 30 days of customization.

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A sound commercial operations strategy is only as good as your team’s ability to execute, measure, and fine-tune it. This requires analytics that help establish productivity and efficiency KPIs to ensure your teams stay on track with first product launch goals. So, why not eliminate the data roadblocks and empower your field force with a solution that seamlessly aggregates your disparate data sources (HCP/HCO, SPP/SD, 3PL, Hub, claims data, expense reporting, etc.) and provides a single source of trusted data across your business intelligence tools and applications.

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Easily customize the Overview dashboard to visualize the data your team needs to maintain a competitive advantage and drive commercial success. Choose from a variety of visualizations and build a dashboard that keeps you apprised of the latest figures, all with the comfort of knowing they come from a single source of trusted, unified data.

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Ensure your team has visibility into the key KPIs that drive success. Quickly act on insights to make certain sales are trending positively toward goals, appropriate resources are aligned with high value regions, and field force productivity is optimized. The Sales dashboard helps you stay on track with your commercial strategy.

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Optimize account engagement and collaborative communication channels by gleaning insights from market, account, and call data. Improve call efficiency by making sure your team focuses their outreach on high-value targets, uses the most effective channel to reach accounts, and proactively executes call planning strategies.

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Keep apprised of the competitive landscape and make informed decisions quickly with insights from unified data. Dynamically monitor competing products across accounts and regions, optimize distribution, track market share, and improve account adoption with the Competitors dashboard.

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Get started free for five users.

The best way to get pre-launch analytics fast is to begin a free trial for five members of your team. We'll take care of the data onboarding, transformation, and prebuilt dashboards for you.

What you get.

  • Three (3) prebuilt dashboards: Sales, Calls, and Competitors.
  • Three (3) data sources (e.g. HCP/HCO, SPP/SD, 3PL, Hub, claims data, expense reporting, etc.) onboarded.
  • 30 days of customization as per your KPI and business needs.

Lore IO delivers your dashboards within 30 days.

  • Week 1: Data onboarding and transformation within one week of sharing raw data files.
  • Week 2: Prebuilt dashboards are available within one week of data onboarding.
  • Week 3: Customization of business rules (KPIs), data quality checks, and dashboards.
  • Week 4: Fully customized dashboards per business requirements.

Additional information.

  • Supported sources: Up to three (3) sources or 300 columns. Pre-integrated vendors include: Veeva, IQVIA, Symphony Health, Komodo Health.
  • Supported cloud infrastructures: Google Cloud. Custom installation on Azure and AWS is available as a pay-as-you-go package.
  • Analytics support: All dashboards are delivered using Tableau. Choose up to 30 KPIs.
  • Managed services: First 30 days of implementation services and support are included. Additional services are available as a pay-as-you-go package.
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