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Imagine the ability to rapidly deploy clinical operations analytics for your team with significantly fewer IT resources and investment. A solution that seamlessly aggregates your disparate data sources, provides clean, unified data for business intelligence tools and applications, and is customizable to grow with your needs. Dashboards that provide you with views and insights on portfolio performance, study performance, patient enrollment, risk assessment, and more.

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Portfolio Management

Efficiency and accuracy are critical when it comes to visibility across your clinical operations. The Portfolio Performance dashboard provides your teams with a single view of your entire portfolio and the ability to track key insights on-demand. Country managers can easily switch the view to reflect the portfolio of studies currently running in their regions.

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Study Performance

Accurately track site activation status, patient enrollment, compliance, and milestones without the need to gather data across numerous files. The views and insights from the Study Performance dashboard will help you ensure that studies run on time, remain within budget, and are not compromised by undetected problems.

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Patient Enrollment

Ensure each step of the patient’s journey remains on track and properly monitored, from screening to completion. Track key metrics, such as screen failure, discontinuation rates, protocol violations, and adverse events with a click of the button. Clinical trials subject reporting has never been easier.

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Risk Assessment

Actively managing risks and ensuring quality data is captured consistently throughout the trial lifecycle is paramount. The Risk Assessment dashboard enables you to quickly catalog, track, and react to key risks across your entire portfolio by setting predetermined thresholds across a variety of Key Risk Indicators. This helps you proactively monitor and reduce clinical trial risk.

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The best way to get clinical operations analytics fast is to begin a free trial for five members of your team. We'll take care of the data onboarding, transformation, and prebuilt dashboards for you.

What you get.

  • Three (3) prebuilt dashboards: Study Performance, Patient Enrollment, and Risk Assessment.
  • Three (3) data sources (e.g. EDC, CTMS, IVR, eTMF, CRO, PRO, Lab, etc.) onboarded.
  • 30 days of customization as per your KPI and business needs.

Lore IO delivers your dashboards within 30 days.

  • Week 1: Data onboarding and transformation within one week of sharing raw data files.
  • Week 2: Prebuilt dashboards are available within one week of data onboarding.
  • Week 3: Customization of business rules (KPIs), data quality checks, and dashboards.
  • Week 4: Fully customized dashboards per business requirements.

Additional information.

  • Supported sources: Up to three (3) sources or 300 columns.
  • Supported cloud infrastructures: Google Cloud. Custom installation on Azure and AWS is available as a pay-as-you-go package.
  • Analytics support: All dashboards are delivered using Tableau. Choose up to 30 KPIs.
  • Managed services: First 30 days of implementation services and support are included. Additional services are available as a pay-as-you-go package.
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