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Lore IO Announces its Freemium Pre-Commercial Launch Analytics Solution to Help Emerging Biopharma Companies Better Plan Their First Product Launch

New offering expedites pre-launch planning with advanced analytics using claims and customer reference data for prescriber profiling, patient journey, and competitor analysis.

SUNNYVALE, CA, April 14, 2021 - Lore IO, Inc., providers of an AI-powered common data model that enables faster data onboarding and unified data views, today announced the immediate availability of its freemium offering of Lore IO Pre-Commercial Launch Analytics. The offering helps emerging biopharma companies accelerate their pre-commercial launch planning by providing them with faster data onboarding, data transformation, and customizable dashboards. The announcement also marks the first pre-launch commercial analytics offering in Lore IO’s Life Sciences Cloud Analytics solution, which has already proven successful for emerging biopharma companies with its commercial analytics package.

“Most emerging biopharma companies don’t have the resources in early phases to onboard and analyze the data for their launch strategy. They rely on 3rd parties to answer their business questions with XLS or PPT files that become static and obsolete over time. We want to enable these small teams with the ability to analyze real-world patient data on their own so they can rapidly iterate on their launch strategy,” said Janardan Prasad, Chief Business Officer and Head of Life Sciences at Lore IO. “Our freemium offering will give them the ability to overcome these challenges without investing time and resources while they are addressing the ever-changing market conditions prior to launch.”

The Lore IO Pre-Commercial Launch Analytics solution expedites pre-launch planning in three key areas: Prescriber profiling, patient journey, and competitor analysis. Prescriber profiling enables teams to leverage insights from their data to discover the right prescribers in their target regions. Patient journey simplifies the analysis of historical data to better understand patients who are best suited for your product, what their unmet needs are, and what are the right touchpoints for them. Competitor analysis uses data to determine overall market share, regional product adoption, and shifts in market share between product classes and patient cohorts.

The freemium offering of Lore IO Pre-Commercial Launch Analytics solution is free for the first five (5) users and includes the onboarding and transformation of three (3) data sources, three (3) customizable prebuilt dashboards for Prescriber Profile, Patient Journey, and Competitor Analysis, and 30 days of customization based on the organization’s KPIs and business requirements. After the first five users, companies may opt for pay-as-you-go, monthly pricing.

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