No-Code Data Management Platform

Let your business teams easily and quickly unify diverse data sources into their own real world data model in the cloud without writing code, managing infrastructure, or requiring ETL resources.

Scale your efforts with innovative technology

Fast turnaround of data

Integrations for real-time data
Prebuilt rules and trained AI
Daily insights from raw data

Course correct rapidly

No-code UI for in-house talent
More agility for faster interactions
Ownership enhances trust of data

Low IT/Infrastructure Costs

Cloud/SaaS | Fast and easy to deploy
Serverless | Easy to manage
Virtualized | Real-time, no moving pieces
Pay as you go | Low cost entry point

From reactive to proactive

AI-based data quality alerts
AI for predictive modeling
AI for better insights & proactive alerts
Not just dashboards; do ad hoc analysis

How it works


Let your business teams create and manage their data model.

1. Define as real world objects, such as Customers or Patients.
2. Define business rules without coding for each attribute.
3. Quickly edit and update any rule without the need for engineers, data movement, or additional resources.
4. Leverage prebuilt common data models (CDM) for your needs.


Quickly connect to and catalog any data source.

1. Replicate data as is into your data warehouse.
2. Let Lore IO catalog, annotate, and monitor source schemas.
3. Use prebuilt integrations and mappings to common sources of data.


AI-assisted mapping of your sources to the data model.

1. Quickly map all sources into this common data model.
2. Collaborate to discover and add business rules to the catalog.
3. Use automated recommendations.


Validate, monitor, and fix data quality.

1. Enhance your data model with validation and reconciliation rules.
2. Gather requirements, design, develop, test, stage, and deploy.
3. Monitor for issues, receive alerts with pointers to root causes, and easily fix them.


Govern and maintain your data models.

1. Assign ownership to the domain experts and control access.
2. Design, organize, and reuse.
3. Version, view history, and organize.
4. Maintain security and compliance.

“The Lore IO Life Sciences Cloud Analytics provides Oncopeptides with a simple, unique interface where we can access all of our data and easily create targeted dashboards for our teams. This sophisticated solution gives us access to high quality data in real-time which will be a tremendous asset as we plan to commercialize our first product.”

Mohamed Ladha
General Manager, US Business Unit

Technical eBook

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